Love Songs in Age

by Kit Richardson

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released April 28, 2013


All tracks written, arranged and produced by Kit; except - track 1 written by Neil Finn. Guitar arranged by Sam Simon-Norris and Kit, performed by Sam. Bass performed and arranged by Nigel Date. Drums arranged by Ben Handysides and Kit, performed by Ben. Strings performed by Alison Andrews, Kate Coggins, Jessie-May Smart, Ciara Ismail and Ben Handyside. Mixed at Urchin by Dan Cox; mastered at Alchemy by Matt Colton.



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Kit Richardson London, UK

Birmingham-born pianist Kit is making complex, unashamed pop music with a big heart and even bigger lungs. Obsessed with a plethora of diverse songwriters from Trent Reznor to Ben Folds, Kit's eclectic sound borrows from a spectrum of genres – all tied together with her trademark “impressive falsetto” (TIMEOUT) and huge, swirling arrangements of strings, choral samples and soaring guitars. ... more

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Track Name: Private Universe (Crowded House cover)
No time no place to talk about the weather
Promise of love is hard to ignore
You said the chance wasn't getting any better
Labour of love is ours to endure
The highest branch on the apple tree
It was my favourite place to be
I could hear them braking free
But they could not see me
I will run for shelter
Endless summer lift the curse
It feels like nothing matters
In our private universe
I have all I want is that simple enough
A whole lot more I'm thinking of
Every night about six o'clock
The birds come back to the barn to talk
They talk to me, birds talk to me
If I go down on my knees
I will run for shelter
Endless summer lift the curse
It feels like nothing matters
In our private universe
And it's a pleasure that I have known
And it's a treasure that I have gained
And it's a pleasure that I have known
Track Name: Trust
I call my mum once a week
I say I can't breath, I can't...
And the heartbeat that I keep
seems to rush me rush me

She said are you sick? Do you bleed?
Just a little, on my sleeve
Is it love?
oh and she
said it must be must be!

I've never felt such vertigo
My dizzy head, my little toes
cling to the edge and I protest
"Don't you push me push me!"
But you move so fast
You're in the small of my back
And you've the nerve to ask
"Don't you trust me trust me?"

When I see what we made
I want to lock it in a cage
I want to keep it to this page
For just me just me
When all I want, is a touch
I get wrung hands, a tight clutch
I spit poison, I drawn blood
Say you disgust me

I can't imagine anyone
Being less than undone
I can see her now, the weeping brow and the
Flushed cheeks, flushed cheeks
And she's going, she's gone
And I can bet anyone
If I was her then I know
I wouldn't trust me trust me

You says you don't trust me trust me
And I don't either
But the boat's a bit rusty rusty
And it's not a cheap fare
And I know there's a girl
In a port, off shore somewhere
But I dropped anchor
So I know i'm going nowhere

Because to forget you get you
I'll be a lucky guy
Your face is glued to my walls
Your love is stuck tight
And I wear your brand like a scar
I won in a bar fight
And I show it to every girl who wants to stay the night

I never thought I'd hate
The sight of a suitcase
Or the dial tone of a phone
To a taxi taxi

I had all the right words
To say the things you never heard
I just wish you'd had the nerve
To ask me ask me
Track Name: The Settle
And when she's getting up, I know she's getting up for me
Hears me in her head, draws me up over her knees
Her reason to be.
What an accolade, another for my mantle piece,
Well, it was trivial, she just needs somebody to please....
And I'm someone to please.

Nothing is indiscreet, every syllable's a charm,
No story's incomplete, my pen is scribbling out the hours,
And she's such disregard...
For things that do not fit, for things that actually are.
That we're so good on paper, we were so written in the stars.

She was the perfect ending, and she'll make the perfect wife,
Cause both her eyes are cloudy and she ceases to ask why,
These little misdemeanours always catch me on the sly,
I ain't looking for them, but they're easy to find.

There was a better man, there was bigger man before,
He stumbled blind and without mind or shield into a path of war,
His heart open like the poet's and his legs open like a whore's,
Til' everything was sore,
You either grow your armour, or you fall on to your sword...

And my newest love, she never flinches at the blows,
She tidies up my head, she scrubs the lipstick off my clothes,
So quietly she knows,
The unfamiliar smell, the smoke that tickles in her nose,
I'm the sad conclusion, I'm the destiny she chose.

And sometimes you catch traces in her sympathetic smile,
Stories that distract her making her eyes wet and wide,
She dreamt of someone kinder not some poorly-veiled denial,
But when you're looking for it it's so much harder to find
Now she's easy to please 'cause she's gotten so tired
And I'm the settle
I'm the settle
I'm the settle,
'Cause I'm so good at lying
Track Name: How to Breathe Underwater
These few weeks there's been a quiet storm,
Something shivering in my covers,
And I find nothing seems to keep me warm,
In the absence of another.

Thunder drumming from inside my chest,
Rainclouds filling up the cupboards,
All the lovers I had laid to rest,
All their fingers through the floorboards.

Too deep,
Too deep to dream,
Tastes of grenadine,
And failed attempts
at archery,
Land arrows at my feet.

I'm still trying to get myself dressed,
I'm still lying to my mother,
Toothless grinning at your new success,
Picking teeth out of the gutter.

Tell me, how'd you keep yourself from falling down?
Does your blood thicken into mortar?
Do you lay your mattress on a river bed,
And keep your head above the water?

I long
for underwhelming love.
A ride,
Without a ticket stub...
I've had
I said, I've had enough
Come by, pick up your stuff.

(She kept her songs,
They kept so little space.
The colours pleased her.
One bleached from lying in a sunny place,
One marked in circles by a vase of water.
One mended when a tidy fit had seized her,
and coloured by her daughter.
So they had waited,
Til in widowhood she found them,
Looking for something else.)